Privacy Focused Collaborative Editor

An open source alternative to Google Docs.

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Open Source

By opening up our platform, we hope to encourage contributors to help build the future of an open internet.

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Private By Design

We believe in keeping your private information private. Only you and those you choose can collaborate.

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Hosted or Self-Hosted

Easily switch from companies that mismanage your data. Use our hosted service or host it yourself.

It's simple, your data is your data.

We've structured our product and company in a way that proves we're here to build privacy conscious products for everyone.

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Here's To Being Open

Authenticity, honesty, and transparency are at the forefront of our values. It's time to part ways with companies who mine and mismanage your data.

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Being a Public Benefit Corporation

While we hope our open source contributions show our commitment to you, we're taking that one step further by making our company a Public Benefit Corporation to make public good as part of our charter.


Fair and Simple.

At the heart of it all is an always free to use open source product. Our hosted plans give everyone a way to be more privacy conscious, without having to know how to deploy SharePad yourself.


Up to 3 Collaborators

50 Documents

End to End Encryption

No Intrusive Advertising

Start For Free
$ 29 /year

Unlimited Collaborators

Unlimited Documents

End to End Encryption

No Intrusive Advertising

Click to Publish

Start With Premium
Community Edition

Deploy Anywhere

Enterprise Ready

Mobile & Desktop Apps

Zero Tracking

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Is SharePad free?

SharePad will always be free. Our free hosted plan does have some limitations, but our Community Edition is completely free with no restrictions.


Why do you place limits on the free hosted plan?

With our Community Edition, you're covering the cost of self-hosting SharePad. Without offering a paid plan and placing limits on our hosted service, wouldn't be able to sustain SharePad. Unlike other companies, we have no intrusive advertising, tracking, or data collection which means we have no other way to generate revenue since we put your privacy first.


What is "Click to Publish"?

When you upgrade to SharePad Premium, you'll have the ability to pubsih your documents directly to Wordpress & other blogging services.


Where can I access SharePad?

We wanted to make sure SharePad can be with you everywhere you go. We have native Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS applications with offline functionality. You can also access SharePad from any device right from your browser.

Get started

Self-Hosting SharePad

We've made deploying your own self-hosted version of SharePad easy. You can have SharePad up and running in 30 minutes.

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